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The reality is everybody needs them, and everybody hates shopping for them. We want to change that! We love vacuums, and we love taking care of our customers. We educate and ask questions to help find the best vacuum for you and your home. Our goal is to give you the best experience today and to keep your new vacuum on the road for years to come.

Riccar Vacuums

Riccar is driven by one passion – making world-class vacuums. Other companies focus on selling the most vacuums. Riccar puts the emphasis on selling the most incredible vacuums. Riccar designs, engineers & assembles many of its vacuums in St. James, Missouri, USA. They experience the same cleaning situations at home as you & I do and bring this first-hand knowledge of American homes to work every day to give their best. Performance – Quality – Durability – Dependability

Miele Vacuums

German Engineered and fine-tuned for high performance, superior quality, the best filtration, deep cleaning, and ultra-quiet. A truly refined system to clean your whole home. As Miele says “Immer Besser” Forever Better Dressed in “Miele” red, their new flagship line, the HomeCare collection, is available exclusively at Miele’s independent retailers. Offering their best warranty and several upgraded cleaning tools above their standard tools.

Sebo Vacuums

A Sustainable Company Focused on Clean. Made in Germany, SEBO offers one of the world’s best & most durable vacuum cleaners for pet hair removal, allergy and asthma relief, ease-of-use, and reliability. Built to Last with long warranties. Sustainable practices, using locally sourced materials and components, SEBO vacuum cleaners are built to last and are manufactured in an environmentally responsible way that reduces waste and uses fewer resources. High filtration to help stop dust and allergens from escaping, deep carpet cleaning to prolong the life of flooring, easy-to-replace parts, and affordable parts to keep cleaning its best for years to come.
Come in today to see why so many of our customers say, “Sebo Works for me.

Budget Friendly

Regardless of what type of budget you are working with, we try to offer better options for immediate needs to clean your home. We have good basic entry-level vacuums that not only clean better than all the big store brands but also give a longer lasting, better filtering, more serviceable product to keep on the road longer than the disposable brands that everyone knows nowadays.

Central Vacuums

Central Vacuums are vacuums built into your house. They offer very high filtration as everything is exhausted out the inside of the home. Having a 35′ hose and low-profile head, there are not many places they cannot go.
They consist of three basic components.1. The Power Unit (creates the suction and catches the dirt ). 2. Piping system and inlets (valves) are the connections in the wall where you plug the hose into. 3. Hose Kit, which includes your hose (typically 35ft.) Power nozzle and Cleaning attachments.


There are several options we offer for cleaning “washing your carpets”.
Meet George. Made in Britain by the Numatic International Company, He is a handy helpful cleaning companion around the home. He is a versatile cleaner as a carpet extractor, upholstery extractor, car interior cleaner, Tile floor cleaner, and wet/dry vacuum.

We also have a very easy-to-use quick-drying system called the Duo Brush Dry Carpet cleaner by a German company Sebo. Lightweight, easy to maneuver, dry in 30-45 minutes. It is also a very good deodorizer and re-fluffing the carpet. Is also wool-safe.

We rent portable professional carpet shampooers, including a 15′ hose for stairs, furniture, and car interiors. It has lots of power and a large brush system to clean, lift and refresh carpet.

And lastly, for small quick spot removal, we have very effective stain, pet stain removers & hand brushes you can apply by hand and scrub for when you don’t want to attack the whole carpet area but deal with those pesky stains
Service plus benefit purchasing vacuums from us Our Rental Shampooers and Duo Brush Dry Carpet Cleaner are FREE to use.(Saves $35 per Rental)**Purchase of cleaning solutions required from our stores** Safe for carpets, kids, and pets.

Specialty Products

We have a variety of specialty vacuums to meet those niche areas in the home. From battery-powered scrubbing mops, battery-powered cordless vacuums, Shampooers, and portable vacuums. Along with all the cleaning supplies you could need for cleaning your whole home.

Arvada Vacuum’s Service+Plus

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