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Green Cleaning

More and more people have the environment in mind when they clean. Being concerned with how and what they are using to clean is affecting the environment and the health of their family. There are many ways to be more green & to also save you lots of green$$ in the long run. Using products that are re-usable & not just disposable is a great way to start. Here’s just a few of the many great green products we carry. Stop in to learn & see our full line of products.

Long Lasting Vacuums

Are one of the best ways to be “green conscious” and help the environment. Most vacuums are built to last only a couple of years which is hard on your wallet & the earth. They have become disposable small appliances like toasters and blenders. The dirty reality of this is that the United States alone throws away nearly 25 million vacuums annually. “Disposable” vacuums clean & filter poorly, which contributes to more sickness & downtime in your home & family and causes flooring to be replaced much more frequently.

The good news is that there are companies that are still focused on the quality of the products they sell. Companies like the American-engineered Riccar and German-engineered companies like Sebo & Miele know what it takes to give you many years of premium performance.

Nellie’s was inspired by you guessed it, Nellie!

James, her son made honoring her, his life’s work. Because Nellie was such a believer in green cleaning, he created an entire line of cleaning products free of toxins and phosphates. All items are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and highly effective, helping to keep our planet as spotless as our clothes! “She was a real person with real values. She believed in honesty and simplicity and was going green long before the color was cool! It’s these beliefs that made us love the Nellie name, which is why we decided to carry her line of cleaning products.”

Unique Cleaning Products

For our pets. For our homes. Unique in so many ways, Unique manufacturing makes a wide variety of cleaning products for the home. Safe for your pets and your family. Pet Odor Stain Remover (the best we have ever used), Drain cleaner, and so much more. It’s very important to us that our products are safe. There are a lot of differing opinions about the meaning of the word ‘safe,’ but here’s what Safe means to us. Actually, maybe the best way for us to describe what safe means is to tell you what our products won’t do. What Our Products Won’t Do. They won’t pollute your air, pollute water, harm plants, harm your family or pets, harm hands or paws, hurt your tummy (but don’t drink it. Seriously people). They won’t contain caustic or harsh chemicals. They won’t harm your surfaces, leave a trace or residue.

Fred’s Fine Cleaning Supplies

Free from any ammonia or bleach, Fred’s Fine Cleaning supplies will beat any other household cleaners! They pride themselves in being gentle on all your home’s surfaces while delivering a powerful clean with one application. Even after one use, your home’s surfaces will stay cleaner longer; and with their impressive multi-surface application, you’ll need and use less cleaners overall!

E-Cloth: Perfect cleaning with just water!

E-Cloth is your go-to for nearly every home cleaning and polishing task, from sticky counters to smudged windows. General Purpose Cloths make quick work of everyday messes, using masses of precision-engineered microfibers. They’re so powerful, you don’t need to add anything but water. The Glass & Polishing Cloth is our secret to a satisfying, streak-free finish, every time. Just wipe — and admire the results. Even clothes for stainless steel, Granite, Bathrooms, and pets to keep the grime away. To refresh, toss the cloths in the laundry. With E-Cloth’s lasting quality and our 1-year or 100-wash promise, you may never put paper towels or additional cleaners in your shopping cart (or the trash bin) again.

Arvada & Broomfield Service+PLUS

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  • NFREE Minor Unclogs
  • NFREE Belt Changes
  • NFREE Shampooer Rentals
  • NFREE Rental Vacuums
  • NFREE Demonstration
  • NFREE Try Before You Buy
  • NFREE Product Assembly
  • NSenior Discount
  • NMilitary Discount/First Responder Discount

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