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Pets & Allergies

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Often, pets & allergies go together, each bringing their own challenges into the home. So whether you’ve got pets, allergies, or both, we’ve got what you need to keep your home healthy & clean!

Riccar R40P Radiance Premium

The absolute best! Pets? Allergies? Carpets? Bare floors? Stairs? Furniture? No Problem! The Radiance is simply the best vacuum you can buy. With Riccar’s Tandem Air technology (dual suction motors), high speed 2 row brushroller, 17 feet of attachment reach and Allergen Sensors there is nowhere for dirt to hide. Designed, assembled and tested in the USA the R40P features a Lifetime Belt, 7 stage 100% sealed HEPA filtration system with granulated charcoal to capture allergens and odors and is backed by an outstanding 5 yr warranty **Added bonus our home vacuums are backed by our Service+plus program.

Unique Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator

The best pet stain remover we have ever used! Eliminates: Urine, feces, blood, grease, food, water stains, grass stains. This product is available in a convenient ready to use formula and shampoo formula.

Sebo’s X7

Pet is a powerful tool to combat fur, dirt and smells from our furry friends. This dynamic upright vacuum is a smart vacuum and one tough cookie. Superior durability built in and ease of use to maintain performance keeping it on the road for a long time to come. With features including automatic adjustment of height on both carpets and floors, alerts consumer to clogs, worn brush, full bag or shutting off brush when obstructions occur, a lifetime belt, instant use cleaning wand and hose, tool-free brush roller removal, 40′ cord, headlight and comes with three extra reach attachments, making it perfect to be able to reach those tough spots. The Charcoal microfilter ensures that odors are eliminated, leaving your home sparkling clean! **Added bonus our home vacuums are backed by our Service+plus program.

Ideal High-Performance Air Purifiers

We are a proud carrier of Ideal brand air purifiers! We don’t often think about the air inside our homes, but it can also become polluted with dust, dander, and pet hair. The powerful IDEAL air purifiers clean your air quickly and silently. You will feel the difference!

Arvada & Broomfield Service+PLUS

  • NFREE Annual Inspections
  • NFREE Vacuum Tuneups
  • NFREE Minor Unclogs
  • NFREE Belt Changes
  • NFREE Shampooer Rentals
  • NFREE Rental Vacuums
  • NFREE Demonstration
  • NFREE Try Before You Buy
  • NFREE Product Assembly
  • NSenior Discount
  • NMilitary Discount/First Responder Discount

**Based on availability, up to 48hr, non commercial **Some Restrictions Apply for ALL Benefits listed above

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